"Your region is not supported" - How to play Innova's Lineage 2 Classic from anywhere

Gabe Aug 11, 2017

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    If you've recently signed up to Lineage 2 Classic from North or South America, you've probably seen this screen:


    This guide will walk you through the steps to play Lineage 2 Classic from anywhere in the world.

    • Chrome Internet Browser
    • An Internet Connection

    Step 1: Add Tunnel Bear to Google Chrome
    • When prompted, click Add Extension:
      • upload_2017-8-11_16-40-45.png

    Step 2: Create a TunnelBear Account
    • After you click Add Extension, TunnelBear VPN will add itself to Chrome. Now you need to create a TunnelBear account.
    • If for any reason TunnelBear didn't automatically navigate you to the Create Account page, you can find it here: https://www.tunnelbear.com/account#/signup?v=c1.2.15
    • Type in an email and password and click Create Account
      • upload_2017-8-11_16-43-58.png
    • After you register you will need to verify your email.
    Step 3: Turning on TunnelBear
    • Now that TunnelBear is installed and you have a TunnelBear account. You need to turn on TunnelBear
    • In the upper right corner of your screen click the Tunnel Bear Icon upload_2017-8-11_16-58-38.png
    • Next ensure that you are set to VPN through a European Country, such as France or Germany.
      • upload_2017-8-11_16-58-14.png
    • Finally Switch TunnelBear on. Your icon will now change to this:
      • upload_2017-8-11_17-0-2.png
    Step 4: Playing Lineage 2 Classic
    • With TunnelBear still on, navigate to https://eu.4game.com/lineage2classic/play/ and log into your account
    • You will now notice you can play Lineage 2 Classic
      • upload_2017-8-11_17-4-25.png
    • Once you see the blue swirling Icon, you can turn off TunnelBear
      • upload_2017-8-11_17-6-5.png
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