Contest Post to win your first month of Lineage 2 Classic free!

Discussion in 'Skelth News' started by Gabe, Aug 16, 2017.

By Gabe on Aug 16, 2017 at 8:38 AM
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    In order to promote Skelth and help encourage new players to join, MMORiot is holding it's first contest.

    We will be giving away 10 new accounts with 30 days of game-time on them. This will give new players a chance to join and try out Lineage 2 Classic, without having to commit money to the game.

    Eligibility Requirements
    • You must be registered on this site
    • You must have at least 5 posts
    • You must not already have an active Lineage 2 Classic account. This contest is for new and returning players only

    How to enter

    • If you meet all the above requirements, PM me with the email you'd like the account to be on. I will then transfer the email of the account over to you and you will have a new account with 30 days of game time on it.
    • This contest is being done on a first-come-first-serve basis. The first ten new or returning players to accumulate 5 posts and PM me will receive the prize.
    Other useful information
    Contest Winners
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Discussion in 'Skelth News' started by Gabe, Aug 16, 2017.

    1. Anax
      Is there any way we could send these newbies some sort of "care packages"? Like some haste pots, HP pots and shots to help them on their way. Or just generally be there to answer questions. Classic start is fucking brutal, I wouldn't want those people to start off on the wrong foot!
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    2. Mazas
      create post here. ask their name and you are free to contribute to em as much as you can.
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    3. Gabe

      This is a great idea. I'm going to follow up with another ongoing contest where we provide Top NG and D grade to new players joining the server.

      Look for things to come @Anax
    4. Gabe
      We have our first contest claimer!

      Look our for @AvastE in game :)
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    5. AvastE
      Thanks for a chance :)! Played today a bit and it was perfect! I am leveling future bd/sk. If anyone want to chat or etc my nick in game CantStop:)
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    6. athid
      Ohhh that would be nice, but i only have 3 posts and i dont wanna to spam around :(
    7. Khale
      I just started on the server tonight! I'm an old Bartz retail player from c3 on and was very unhappy with the direction they took the game with GOD. I've been wanting to play classic since way before it launched. i signed the petition to get it launched when Innova was first testing the waters to see what the interest was a classic server. Then was dissapointed to find NA was IP blocked :(

      So I finally got a VPN, and the first month was only 2euros, so i took the leap! If your offer to help still stands i'd be more than grateful. i'm starting 100% fresh with no friends on the server. I'm currently a lvl 8 DE Fighter, future BD. My Ingame is Khale

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