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    Lineage 2 Classic - Goddard Update
    (Korean August 2nd, 2017 Patch Notes)

    [Attribution system]

    1. An attribute system that can accept the power of the elements and grow the combat ability of the character.

    2. Attributes can be obtained from [an NPC] in Aden after the third class transfer.

    3. The property consists of 4 kinds of Water / Fire / Wind / Earth.

    4. You can change your attack attribute through the character information window. (Wait 10 seconds)

    5. Attribute damage increases or decreases depending on attacker's attack power and defender's defense strength.

    6. Attributes Monsters are attacked and attack bonuses exist depending on attack type vs. defense type.

    [Growth and Management of Elementals Spirits/Agathions]


    1. When the attribute level is increased by acquiring Attribute Experience, the elemental pet/Agathion representing the level also grows together.

    2. The elemental spirit starts from level 1, and when it reaches level 10, it will evolve to the next grade.

    3. The grade of the element exists up to 1 > 2 > 3.

    4. You gain additional attribute points when the spirit levels up.

    5. Character points are used to increase the four attribute abilities of the Elemental.

    6. Growing spirits can be returned to their original state through extraction in the middle.

    - If you extract the spirit, you will earn pieces of the star sculpture.

    - At the time of extracting an element, each elements spirit will reset to level 1

    7. Starred pieces obtained by extracting elements can be used to make attribute necklaces.



    [Acquisition of the Experience Points]

    1. Acquire the attribute experience value when killing monsters in the special hunting grounds.

    2. Rules to acquire attribute experience are as follows.

    - Based on the type of monsters, you gain attribute experience based on the monster’s attribute

    • If you hunt Water monsters, you will gain Earth Attribute Experience

    • If you hunt Fire monsters, you will gain Water Attribute Experience

    • If you hunt Wind monsters, you will gain Fire Attribute Experience

    • If you hunt Earth monsters, you will gain Wind Attribute Experience
    [Translator's Notes:
    As you level up your Attribute Agathion/Pet you will gain Attribute points you can allocate to four different areas:
    • Attack
    • Defense
    • Critical Rate
    • Critical Damage
    Each attribute gets its own points, meaning you can deviate towards a tankier build on one attribute and a higher DPS build on another attribute. In addition, these stats are not Magical or Physical related (In the sense of P. Def/M. Def) but almost a quasi-third set of attributes (A. Atk, A. Def) that will get factored into the damage equation.]


    [Goddard Manor]

    1. We have added the town of Goddard.

    - You can use the functions of the village (NPC sales, warehouse, teleport, etc.), and the features of Goddard will be added later.

    - You can teleport from Aden Castle Town and Giran Castle Town to Goddard Castle Town.

    2. We have added four new hunting grounds for the Goddard Manor.

    - Lv. 78 ~ 80 Added the 'Garden of the Beast' hunting ground

    - Lv. 80 ~ 82 Added two kinds of 'Ketra Orc / Varka Silenos' hunter

    - Lv. 81 ~ 82 We added the 'Hot Springs', a hunting area.

    3. 78 ~ 82 level property hunting four species have been added.

    - Added Fire-based hunting grounds ‘Forge of Gods', you can get there from Goddard Castle Town.

    - Added Earth-based hunting ground ‘Wall of Argos', you can get there from Goddard Castle Town.

    - Added Water-based hunting ground 'Eva's Underwater Garden’, you can get there from from Giran Castle Village.

    - Added Wind-based hunting ground 'Planet of Wind' and can move in Giran Castle Village. [Translator’s Note: Seems like a New Area]

    - Elite and master-type monsters appearing in elemental hunting ground can be killed, and you can acquire the items necessary for character's attribute growth.

    4. We have downgraded the difficulty level of monsters on the Primeval Island hunting grounds.


    1. We added the following new quests that can be carried out after the third transfer.

    1) Learning the Attributes Mission

    2) Property Hunting Guide Mission

    3) Elemental Evolution Mission

    4) Weekly property monster hunting missions

    5) Daily Special Hunting (Level 76 ~ 84) Mission


    1. Fixed an issue where you can use 'dragon's dragon' item in Olympiad.

    2. We have changed the Hero Weapon and Hero Cloak to no longer be available in Olympiad.

    3. Added the Talisman of Benir.

    - You can purchase the first step of Benir's Talisman through NPC Forna.

    - You can grow up to 18 levels using a piece of Benir's Talisman.

    4. We have changed the "Blessing of Beniru" option to the Hwangryong / Witches' Belt.

    - NPC Begins to give the belt option, the material is used as a bolt of Talisman.

    - Benir blessing effect can be given one to three levels, and is superimposed on the effect of Baneir's Talisman.

    5. The effects of Benir's Talisman and Belt options (Benir's blessing) are as follows.


    [Skill Balance Adjustment - Knight]

    1. Knight series Added new skills and improved some skill settings.

    - New skill


    - Changes skill effect


    2. Evas Templar has lowered the SP required to acquire 81-84 level skills.

    [Skill Balance Adjustment - Log & Archer]

    1. Log & Archer series Some skill settings have been improved.


    [Skill Balance Adjustment - Buffers & Healers]

    1. Buffs & Healers Added new skill and improved some skill's skill and skill setting.

    - New skill

    - Change skill effect

    2. Shillien Saint has lowered the SP required to acquire 81-84 level skills.

    [Skill Balance Adjustment - Summoner & Dwarf]

    1. Summoner & Dwarf new skill has been added and some skill effects have been improved.

    - New skill


    - Change skill effect



    1. Mouse cursor image changed.

    - The mouse cursor color is changed according to the status of the target where the mouse is located (friendly / hostile).

    - When the mouse is in PK mode (hold Ctrl), the mouse cursor will be displayed in red. If you select (click) the target, it will change to red knife shape.

    [Other changes]

    1. Fixed the problem of incorrectly guiding the quantity of postal mail located at the bottom left of UI when exiting after World Olympiad game.

    2. You can not change the learning conditions of the party invitations have been changed.

    3. Added 'Modification of summoning' to the merchant's sales list.
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