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    Hi Everyone,

    We are about a week old now, and we've received a lot of feedback. Here are some common concerns and how we addressed them...

    Are you going to allow RMT on your site?

    No. While discussion of RMT and the server environment is allowed, actual RMT advertisements or solicitations will be met first with a warning and then followed by a ban.

    You're in DreamTeam. How will you prevent forum moderation bias?

    Moderation Bias is a big concern of ours and we are working hard to address the issue. Currently the moderation team is comprised of...

    Myself (DreamTeam)
    @Anastassia ( Doesn't play L2, solely interested in the marketing and design aspects)
    @Mr_Kzimir (Yatagarasu - a neutral clan)
    @ormey (Eternity)

    In addition we are open to new candidates, so if you'd like to become a moderator, let me know.

    You have access to the database. Can't you can steal my password?!?!

    While, yes I do have access to the database. All the user passwords are salted and hashed, making it nearly impossible to crack. So no, I can't get your password. In order to crack your password, I would have to find collisions in SHA-2, which if I were able to do, I would sell how I did it to the NSA and retire happily with millions and millions of dollars. (Or be "suicided by gun shot to the back of the head")

    Won't Innova try to shut you down?

    While at first Innova wanted to support this website, they were hesitant about a project that would allow people to trash-talk and openly criticize them and their product. Innova has an implicit bias to ensure Skelth, Innova, and Lineage 2 Classic's reputation remains good; so a site that allows, and even encourages, open discussion that may criticize Skelth, Innova, and Lineage 2 Classic directly conflict's with Innova's modus operandi.

    Shortly after we launched, Innova urged us to implement rules that forbid trash-talking and making negative comments about Innova and the way they manage Skelth. We at MMORiot felt that implementing those rules would defeat the purpose and spirit of the site, and refused to do so.

    As a result, MMORiot has been temporarily placed on an unsupported resource list. Meaning links on their forums will be removed. That said, we still plan to reach out to users directly and encourage them to join our humble little website.


Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Gabe, Aug 1, 2017.

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