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In order to promote Skelth and help encourage new players to join, MMORiot is holding it's first contest.

We will be giving away 10 new accounts with 30 days of game-time on them. This will give new players a chance to join and try out Lineage 2 Classic, without having to commit money to the game.

Eligibility Requirements
  • You must be registered on this site
  • You must have at least 5 posts
  • You must not already have an active Lineage 2 Classic account. This contest is for new and returning players only

How to enter

  • If you meet all the above requirements, PM me with the email you'd like the account to be on. I will then transfer the email of the account over to you and you will have a new account with 30 days of game time on it.
  • This contest is being done on a first-come-first-serve basis. The first ten new or returning players to accumulate 5 posts and PM me will receive the prize.
Other useful information
Contest Winners

We're pleased to announce the opening of our fansite community for Camelot Unchained.

Why Camelot Unchained?

In many was, Camelot Unchained is very similar to Lineage 2 Classic. Both MMOs market themselves as a classical old school game. Where Lineage 2 Classic seeks to revive the experience of Lineage 2 C1 to Interlude, Camelot Unchained seeks to relive the glory days of Dark Age of Camelot and it's RvRvR gameplay.

In addition, City State Entertainment really sets it self apart from its peers with the level of attention they give their fans and player base. If you log into their discord, you'll see a bunch of developers, artists, programmers all sitting in their channel. It hearkens back to the old-school mentality of finding the developers and hard-core fans huddled in an IRC Channel. MMORiot hopes that we'll be able to work productively with City State Entertainment to bring new awareness of their game to users.

I'm a die-hard CU fan. Why should I join MMORiot?

Well for starters, the Camelot Unchained forum is currently off limits unless you MMORiot seeks to foster the very core aspects that Camelout Unchained revolves around. Conflict and Pride.

MMORiot allows users to engage with one another, not just in a constructive manner, but also in way that allows them to engage in politics, drama, and most importantly game-oriented conflict on the forums. We hope that MMORiot becomes the out-of-game political hub for Camelot Unchained.
Patch Notes Goddard Patch Notes
Lineage 2 Classic - Goddard Update
(Korean August 2nd, 2017 Patch Notes)

[Attribution system]

1. An attribute system that can accept the power of the elements and grow the combat ability of the character.

2. Attributes can be obtained from [an NPC] in Aden after the third class transfer.

3. The property consists of 4 kinds of Water / Fire / Wind / Earth.

4. You can change your attack attribute through the character information window. (Wait 10 seconds)

5. Attribute damage increases or decreases depending on attacker's attack power and defender's defense strength.

6. Attributes Monsters are attacked and attack bonuses exist depending on attack type vs. defense type.

[Growth and Management of Elementals Spirits/Agathions]


1. When the attribute level is increased by acquiring Attribute Experience, the elemental pet/Agathion representing the level also grows together.

2. The elemental spirit starts from level 1, and when it reaches level 10, it will evolve to the next grade.

3. The grade of the element exists up to 1 > 2 > 3.

4. You gain additional attribute points when the spirit levels up.

5. Character points are used to increase the four attribute abilities of the Elemental.

6. Growing spirits can be returned to their original state through extraction in the middle.

- If you extract the spirit, you will earn pieces of the star sculpture.

- At the time of extracting an element, each elements spirit will reset to level 1

7. Starred pieces obtained by extracting elements can be used to make attribute necklaces....

Hi Everyone,

We are about a week old now, and we've received a lot of feedback. Here are some common concerns and how we addressed them...

Are you going to allow RMT on your site?

No. While discussion of RMT and the server environment is allowed, actual RMT advertisements or solicitations will be met first with a warning and then followed by a ban.

You're in DreamTeam. How will you prevent forum moderation bias?

Moderation Bias is a big concern of ours and we are working hard to address the issue. Currently the moderation team is comprised of...

Myself (DreamTeam)
@Anastassia ( Doesn't play L2, solely interested in the marketing and design aspects)
@Mr_Kzimir (Yatagarasu - a neutral clan)
@ormey (Eternity)

In addition we are open to new candidates, so if you'd like to become a moderator, let me know.

You have access to the database. Can't you can steal my password?!?!

While, yes I do have access to the database. All the user passwords are salted and hashed, making it nearly impossible to crack. So no, I can't get your password. In order to crack your password, I would have to find collisions in SHA-2, which if I were able to do, I would sell how I did it to the NSA and retire happily with millions and millions of dollars. (Or be "suicided by gun shot to the back of the head")

Won't Innova try to shut you down?

While at first Innova wanted to support this website, they were hesitant about a project that would allow people to trash-talk and openly criticize them and their product. Innova has an implicit bias to ensure Skelth, Innova, and Lineage 2 Classic's reputation remains good; so a site that allows, and even encourages, open discussion that may criticize Skelth, Innova, and...
In order for MMORiot to be the best that it can be. We've come up with a few rules to balance the level of trolling with quality discussion.

  1. Advertisements and solicitations for Real Money Trading of any kind is forbidden.
  2. Excessive person attacks and threats are not allowed. If you're unsure, ask yourself this: "If the person you are insulting were to go to the police, would the police disregard your post as an empty internet troll, or investigate it as a genuine threat of violence?"
  3. In that same vein, MMORiot Staff will cooperate with all legal law enforcement authorities, or court ordered subpoenas.
  4. Posting on MMORiot is done on your own volition at your own risk
  5. Low-effort, low-quality threads or posts will be deleted.

MMORiot Staff will enforce these rules at their discretion to the best of their ability. They have been selected and vetted by me personally, and their judgements will always reflect the collective decision of MMORiot.
Event Happy Hours

Balthus Knights' Order is looking for new recruits! The Supply Officer Sibi arrived in the world of Elmoreden with a secret mission – he must find worthy candidates for his Order. He is looking for the luckiest adventurers and he'll be testing Elmoreden warriors for 1 month. Sibi's lottery will show who is the lucky winner that can apply for the Balthus Knights' Order.

Read more about this event HERE!
This is our first announcement after our new front page has been enabled!! :D

If you're viewing this on our front page, there will be many changes coming to this part of the site. Expect sections pointing you to guides, videos, and even more content. At MMORiot, we will strive hard to keep you up-to-date on everything relating to the games you're playing. :)
It is with great pleasure that I get to announce, MMORiot is launching!

What is MMORiot?

MMORiot is a community website dedicated to offering gamers of specific niche MMOs a place to post without fear of censorship or language filtering.

Why do we need MMORiot?

Most official forums have very strict rules limiting customers' freedom to express opinions about the company operating the game and the game itself. Often this is done to create an image of their product that is misleading. Plainly put, game companies have incentive to crack down on negative opinions of their game by labelling negative feedback as malicious and bannable. As a result, many well intentioned gamers will get banned from a games' forums just for expressing their opinions.

This is where MMORiot comes in. We aim to provide a place for gamers to openly discuss their favorite MMOs and the companies that run them. We will encourage community members to post whatever they would like, without fear of repercussions.